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What Our Clients Say

 Emergence Logistics & Transportation Inc. Foundation


Pens Plus More did great work for Each 1 Reach 1 Foundation. In only a few months in their program, we were awarded a grant of 75,000 with 3 other grants pending. We have also connected with so many other companies that have donated to our cause. I am so thankful their contributions to our success and giving us the ability to continue to help others

 Each 1 Reach 1 Foundation

Check out this testimonial from our client hat was awarded 75,000

Hear what our clients have to say about PENS setting their organization 

"I thought the class was very informative. My favorite part was how you provided specific examples of organizations that “typically” give donations.  You shared the spreadsheet of names and contact information. These specific examples of donors make it so much easier for the organization to seek donations."

-Nicole Geller, Ironman Foundation

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